Develop & Sell Turnkey Websites

There are plenty shows showing us flip a house for a quick profit, but what about websites? They are much easier to build, cost a lot less to develop and are much easier to sell for a quick profit. Then again, you will need to know develop and flip turnkey websites for a profit.


Developing Turnkey Websites

1. Determine which open source web programming software will best suit your needs. For instance, Joomla is a great content management system that can be used to easily create magazine type websites and subscription based sites. While WordPress is great for developing a quick blog type site with easy-to-build content, thanks to a great admin area. Then there’s Drupal and PHPFox for social networking type sites, and so on and so forth. OpenCMS offers a great resource for finding the best software for your website building needs.

2. Install the website building program you decide to use. For some applications, you may be able to use a one button installer known as “Fantasico,” so you’ll need to check with your provider to see if simple installs are available. If simple installs are not an option, read the readme file that comes with your download.

3. Choose a “template” for your program. Most applications such as WordPress and Joomla offer free and premium templates that can be installed to give your website an immediate professional or fun look.

4. Write content and upload it to your site. A basic niche website should contain at least 5-10 pages of original content, while larger websites will obviously require more work. The content should focus on a certain topic that gives the website a certain focus.

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5. Publish the new content to the website.

Selling A Website Once It Offers Content

6. Visit popular website selling sites such as Sitepoint and forums.digitalpoint. These sites allow users to list their sites and what they offer.

7. Make sure to include important site information with your free listings such as: Number of Visitors, Whether the content is original, Revenue currently being made, and any other pertinent info, such as the platform the site is based on and the host currently being used, along with terms of the sale.

8. Set a BIN (Buy It Now) price for the website. If it’s a quick site you set up in a few hours you probably don’t want to go to high with the price, but make sure to include in the pricing structure all of the work that went into the website.

9. Accept payment from the winning bidder and then transfer the site to the winner and make sure they accept the transferred files. Set up terms as to when you can delete the pages from your own server.