Determine The Type Of Video Card A Computer Needs

The type of video card needed depends on how you use your computer. Usage includes Web browsing, watching videos, listening to music and more complex uses, such as advanced gaming and video editing. Here is determine the type of video card your computer needs.


1. Understand the purpose for which the computer is to be used. If it is to be used by average users for casual purposes, such as listening music, watching movies or Web browsing, an inexpensive 4 MB to 8 MB video card supporting at least 1280×1024 resolution at 85 MHz refresh rate can be used.

2. Decide if the computer is to be used for designing graphics. If yes, a video card with high resolution capacity, say 1600×1200 resolution or higher, will be needed. This will ensure more visible detail.

3. Decide on your need for multi-monitor display. This will require the graphic card to support two monitors by expanding the graphical workstation.

4. Decide on video editing needs. Video editing will have supplementary needs for video-in/video-out (VIVO) facility. However, if the video card does not have this feature, it can be added externally.

5. Recognize your gaming needs. If you want to play games that are not 3D or games that are 3D but you are not concerned with speed, a card supporting directX9 and having a memory of 128 MB of video will be suitable. On the other hand, if you are a game freak and want every detail enhanced, you need a video card that can support the current 3D games on the market. The 3D video cards should support directX9 with a minimum of 256 MB graphics memory.

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