Detect A Graphic Card Model

The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will also display your video card’s memory.

If you are a gamer or plan to install video-, photo- or graphics-editing software on your computer, you will need to know your video card model. Once you know the model, you can look up the card’s performance ratings, and ensure that it meets the minimum system requirements of the new software that you plan on purchasing. Because most software cannot be returned once it is opened, not knowing your video card’s capabilities prior to purchasing software can prove to be a costly mistake. The quickest method of determining your video card make and model is to run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, which can be opened in just a few clicks.


1. Open the Start menu and click “Run.” Windows Vista and 7 users will not have the “Run” option–instead, commands can be typed into the text box located directly on the Start Menu.

2. Type “dxdiag” in the dialog box and click “OK.”

3. Click on the tab labeled “Display” at the top of the DirectX Diagnostic Tools window.

4. Locate the label “Device” in the “Display” window. Beside this label will be the make and model of your video card.

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