Design Clothes On Meez

Meez is a free 3-D character builder. You can use your creations as avatars. You can make them look like you or even an alien. Some of the features and premium items use coins. You can earn these on the site or buy them. You can also purchase a monthly membership subscription called VIP that adds more features to your Meez account. Meez clothes can even be copies of what you wear every day. Whether you want to spend actual money on your Meez or not, here is design clothes on Meez.


1. Enter a contest. As of May 2009, this is currently the only way to get your Meez clothing designs uploaded to the Meez Maker. You’ll have to win a contest for Meez to add the winning item to the closet.

2. Log in to your Meez account to find out about the contests. Click on the “Community” tab and then “Forums.” Find the category that says “Meez Madness.” Go to the link that says “Meez Contests.” Enter the Meezer Creativity Contests forum. If you win the contest, you can choose to send the shirt to five of your Meez friends as one of the prizes or go for the coinz instead.

3. Download the template. This will be in a contest thread that usually looks like “Design a … Contest.” There are usually threads for shirts or pants. Just right-click on the template and save it to your computer.

4. Open up your photo editing software. You can even use Microsoft Paint to design your own Meez clothes. You might want to try out the free image program Gimp. This software has more of a learning curve, but you can use brushes like you would in Photoshop. Open your template file.

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5. Fill in the area between the dotted lines. To design clothes on Meez, you must fill in the entire area of the template. The gray dotted lines will show if you don’t. If you want a white shirt, you must paint the entire image white because the default color is gray.

6. Be original. One of the rules of the Meez contests is that you must use your own artwork. You can’t use copyrighted images or logos. Use this as a chance to express your own personal style. Think of your favorite T-shirts. These might just be simple plain shirts that have a word across the chest. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to make clothes on Meez.

7. Add texture. This will make your clothes seem more lifelike. Real T-shirts have stitching, wrinkles and even pockets. Your pants probably have denim or twill texture to them. This way your designs will look like actual clothes instead of something you made in a paint program.

8. Meet the deadline. The contests usually end on Saturdays. To enter the contest, you must upload your work to an image host. You can get a free account at Photobucket. Then you just post it to the contest thread. Upload your entry to Photobucket a few hours before the contest ends just to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

9. Change up the existing clothes. This is the easiest way to design clothes on Meez. You can get a custom look without having to win a contest. You don’t even need a photo manipulation program. In the Meezmaker, go to “Get Dressed.” Here you have your choice of costumes, bathing suits, shirts, pants and dresses. Mix and match the clothes for a custom look. You can even layer items over each other so you’ll have an outfit that is almost original.

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