Dell 8200 Specs

The Dell Dimension 8200 is a highly configurable desktop computer available with a variety of hardware and software combinations. This Intel Pentium 4-based desktop is available with operating systems as old as Windows Millennium Edition and as recent as Windows XP. While Dell no longer produces the Dimension 8200, you may find one on the used market. Examine the specifications of the Dell Dimension 8200 to determine whether it might suit your needs.

Processor and Memory

The Dell Dimension 8200 uses Intel Pentium 4 processors ranging in speed from 1.5 to 2.8 GHz. The computer is available with motherboards using either the Intel 850 or 850E chipset, which according to Intel supports Pentium 4 processors using the Socket 423 and Socket 478 form factors. The Dimension 8200 uses RDRAM. While the motherboard supports up to 2 GB of memory, older operating systems such as Windows Millennium Edition are unable to use more than 512 MB of RAM.

Storage Devices

The Dell Dimension 8200 has two drive bays each for externally accessible 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch drives and two internal bays for additional 3.5-inch hard drives. From the factory, the Dimension 8200 can be configured with various combinations of storage devices including hard drives, CD and DVD drives and Zip drives.

Video Card

The Dimension 8200 has an AGP 4x slot for a video card. The review model received by PC Magazine in 2002 included an nVidia GeForce 4 Ti 4600, and reviewer Konstantinos Karagiannis remarked that the computer was among the fastest tested by the publication at that time.

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Sound Card

The base configuration of the Dell Dimension 8200 includes an onboard AC97 audio device with front- and back-mounted audio jacks. There are also configurations of the Dimension 8200 that include discreet sound cards rather than onboard audio chips.

Expandability and Connectivity

In addition to the single AGP slot for a video card, the Dimension 8200 features four PCI slots for other expansion cards such as sound cards, storage controllers and TV tuners. If your Dimension 8200 is configured with an add-on card such as a sound card, less slots will be available. For external devices, the Dimension 8200 features serial and parallel ports, PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports and four USB ports.