Delete Frames From An Flv File

Delete Frames From an FLV File

The highly compact FLV file format is optimized to deliver high-quality, flash-based, video content in a package light enough for web applications. But whether it’s censorship or refinement, as with any other video file, sometimes you need to edit your FLV files. And like any other video format, FLV files can be chopped, trimmed and tweaked with the help of the right tools.


1. Download an FLV video editing tool, and install it on your computer. When searching for an editor, look for one that features time line editing and trimming–the time line feature will help to make your edits precise.

2. Launch your FLV editor and then load your video file. Use the playback controls in the editor to cue the video up, close to the section containing the frames that you want to delete.

3. Select the trim option in the FLV editor. Drag the slider along the video time line up to the first frame that you wish to remove. If there are fields below the video for entering the beginning time and ending time of the trim, you can enter the time of the last frame that you want to cut into the “ending time” field–the beginning time will be preset by the marker you placed earlier. If there are no time fields, you will have to select an end marker on the time line to set the ending time. Trim the video.

4. Export your video. The FLV editor will likely treat your edits to the video as a project file as opposed to a video file, so you will need to export the file in FLV format, which should be selected by default in the export menu. Exporting the file shouldn’t alter the quality as long as you don’t change any of the original attributes of the file in the export menu.

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