Deinterlace Using Virtualdub

Woman with a video camera.

Have you ever used screen capture software to record a game you’re playing only to realize later that there are lots of horizontal lines in the video playback? These lines are a result of the video encoder interlacing the frames in order to save space and improve performance. Everything you do to a video that is interlaced only produces unattractive results. The best way to get rid of the horizontal interlacing lines is to deinterlace the video. VirtualDub provides a free deinterlacing filter that can improve the look and quality of your video.


1. Open a video in VirtualDub by clicking “File” and “Open video file.”

2. Click “Videos” and “Filters.”

3. Click “Add” in the “Filters” dialog box.

4. Click “deinterlace” and “OK.”

5. Select one of the interpolation deinterlace modes, such as “Interpolate using bob algorithm,” and click “OK.”

6. Save the video by clicking “File” and “Save as AVI.”

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