Deinterlace In Photoshop

Deinterlace in Photoshop

When trying to grab a freeze frame from a video, such as an action shot to post online, or an interesting scene captured by a camcorder or TV, small horizontal lines may appear. These lines, which are more obvious around objects in motion, are referred to as interlacing artifacts. According to Northwestern University, interlacing started in the 1930’s as a way to increase the resolution of CRT monitors and TVs. The 30 frames per second produced flickering, but there wasn’t enough bandwidth to send 60 frames per second. So Randall Ballard devised a way to send 60 half frames per second. It was a brilliant idea in the 1930’s, but today, with our progressive HDTV’s and computer monitors, interlacing artifacts can be quite annoying. Luckily, Adobe Photoshop includes a filter to deinterlace still photos.


1. Open Adobe Photoshop. At the top left-hand corner, click on the “File” menu. Then select “Open.”

2. Locate the interlaced image file using the Windows Explorer or MacOS Finder interface. When you’ve found your image file, select it and click the “Open” button.

3. Click the “Filter” menu located in the top-middle portion of the screen. Next, click the “Video” sub-menu and select “De-Interlace.” The “De-Interlace” window should pop-up.

4. Select either “Odd Fields” or “Even Fields” under the “Eliminate” bracket. Then select “Duplication” or “Interpolation” under the “Create New Fields By” bracket.

5. Click the “OK” button to see the results of the “De-Interlace” filter.

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