Define Tag Editor

Tag editors give you the power to define the way music looks.

The next song you hear on your computer may contain hidden information you cannot see. This information, known as metadata, enables computer users to manage multimedia collections using tags that help identify files in the collections. Tag editors are programs that help you change the information in these tags using a graphical user interface.


Metadata tags describe the attributes of a particular media file. Media files are files that display images, play audio or display video. A Title tag, for instance, holds the name of the song or video. Other tags, such as Album and Genre, identify the album from a song came and its musical genre. Ratings tags contain a media file’s rating. Video and image files may contain additional tag information not found in audio files.

Tag Benefits

You may never view the digital information stored inside a media file, but you probably interact with tags frequently if you use media players such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. A quick glance at your iTunes library reveals a wealth of data that shows you song titles, artists and other important visual information that can help you identify and catalog your media files. ITunes uses tags residing in your media files to generate this data. You also see this information when viewing files your Windows Media Player library.

Tag Creation

If you use a program to create a media file, that program may generate tags automatically and save them along with the file you create. When you rip a CD, for instance, an application such as iTunes looks for tag information online and stores it in your song titles if it can find that data. MP3 files that you download from the Web may also contain useful tag information. MP3s use a special tagging format called ID3.

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Tag Editors

Because you cannot see a title tag when looking at a music file, you can’t update it unless you use an editor. ITunes and other media programs such as Windows Media Player allow you to update your tag information. Changing tag data may help you organize your media libraries the way you like them. You can also download tag editors such as MP3Tag, EasyTAG and TagScanner that allow you to change tag information quickly.