Decrease The Lag With Fraps

Fraps is video recording software that allows you to capture images and sound from computer applications, such as PC games. However, if you are playing a game that consumes a lot of computer resources, when you attempt to record a video with Fraps, this may cause your game and video to slow down and lag. You can change your game and recording settings in Fraps to help decrease the lag generated by running the two programs at once.


1. Close down all other programs on your computer that are taking up computer resources. These programs compete with your main program and Fraps for memory and processing, which causes Fraps to lag.

2. Download an install the newest version of Fraps on your computer. The developers have updated and optimized the newest version run better than older versions.

3. Launch the game that you would like to record in Fraps and edit the video settings. Select a lower-screen resolution for your game to help reduce lag during recording.

4. Launch Fraps on your computer and click the “Movies” tab.

5. Select the custom setting under “Video Capture Setting” and type the number “15” in the text box. This setting will help reduce lag when running Fraps with your game.

6. Return to your game and press the F9 button to begin recording. By reducing these settings on your computer, you will experience less lag while recording.

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