Dazzle Dvd Recorder Tutorial

Use Dazzle DVD Recorder to preserve old VHS and camcorder footage.

Dazzle DVD Recorder is a USB hardware interface that allows users to record DVDs directly from VCRs, camcorders and other video devices. According to the manufacturer, Pinnacle, “You can burn your video directly to a DVD without first copying files to the PC hard drive, saving both valuable time and space.” Dazzle DVD is an an efficient backup and archiving solution to preserve old footage and home video.


1. Connect your Dazzle DVD Recorder to your computer. The computer will automatically detect and install the USB drivers for your Dazzle.

2. Insert the Pinnacle InstantDVD Recorder installation disc included with the Dazzle. Install the software following the step-by-step on-screen prompts.

3. Power on the video device you want to record from. Use either component or S-video cables. If using component cables, connect audio cables from “Audio Out” to “L” and “R” and “Video Out” to the “Video” port of your Dazzle. If using S-video, simply connect from the “S-Video Out” of your video device to “S-Video” on your Dazzle.

4. Open Pinnacle InstantDVD Recorder. Select “Dazzle DVC100” from the “Selected Capture Source” drop-down menu. Select your DVD burner drive letter from the “Select Burner” pull-down menu.

5. Choose whether or not you want Dazzle to create menus for the DVD from the “Select Menu Style” menu.

6. Type in your “Total Recording Time” and select the quality you desire. Ensure that a blank DVD is inserted in your burner and press “Start Recording.” Your DVD is now being recorded.

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