Cut My Video Into Short Segments

You can edit your movie files right on the computer’s video editor.

Whether you have downloaded a video from the Internet or uploaded it from a digital video camera, you probably have an assortment of movie files stored on your computer. Chances are there is content in the clip you don’t want, or at least want to split up into smaller sections. If so, you have all the necessary tools already installed on the computer, so you don’t need to go out and purchase additional programming for the system in order to cut your video files into the shorter segments.


1. Launch Windows Movie Maker from the “Start” menu and wait for the video editor to load onto the screen.

2. Click “File” and “Import,” then choose the video file you want to split up and click “OK.” The video file now imports directly into Windows Movie Maker and appears as a thumbnail on the side of the screen.

3. Double-click the video file to load it into the view monitor. Click “Play” and wait for the video to reach the first point you actually want in the clip. Click “Mark In” once you reach this point, then allow the video to continue to play until you reach the last frame you want. Click “Mark Out” and the last frame is marked.

4. Click-and-drag the video file down to the timeline. This includes just the marked segment.

5. Click “File” and “Export,” then choose the location you want to save the file to. Click “OK” and the segment of the video is exported. Repeat the same process with any other segments you want to create.

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