Cut In Movie Edit Pro 16

Use Movie Edit Pro to edit your high-quality videos.

Movie Edit Pro is a video editing program from software developer MAGIX, compatible with the Windows operating system, that allows you to edit up to 99 audio and video tracks in full HD with more than 1000 special effects to chose from. It is a non-linear editing system, which means that your video can be edited in any order that you would like. One of the first steps of using this editor is learning make a cut.


1. Open Movie Edit Pro. Open the file you would like to edit by selecting “File” then “Open.” Once your project is open, view your video to find the point at which you would like to cut. Each scene will be shown on a timeline in your project. It may be useful to rearrange these scenes in the proper order before you begin your cutting.

2. Switch to “Storyboard Mode” by selecting the storyboard icon from the menu on the upper left side of the timeline. The storyboard icon is a single, empty white box. This will arrange your scene in a straight line to give you fine control over your cuts.

3. Move your playhead to the portion of your video you wish to cut. This can be done by moving your mouse to this portion of your scene and clicking on that spot in the timeline. You will see the orange line running down the timeline move to where you clicked. This means that the cut will be made in this spot.

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4. Make the cut by selecting the razor icon from center panel just above the timeline. This will split the track you selected in two at the point that you indicated.

5. To move the track you cut around, simply select it and drag it where you want it to go. To get rid of it entirely, hit the delete button on your keyboard. To undo the cut, select “Edit” then “Undo.”