Cut & Edit Video Files

Cut & Edit Video Files

If you have movie files saved onto your computer, you can cut up and edit them as you like with any basic movie editing software. Windows Movie Maker comes standard with most Microsoft operating systems while iMovie is standard with Apple. Once you have edited the clip as you see fit, you can save it as a new file. Note that your program won’t accept certain file types, like MP4s with Movie Maker or WMVs with iMovie.


Windows Movie Maker

1. Click on the “Import Video” command located in the Movie Tasks menu on the left. Select your video file in the drop-down list that pops up and click on the “Import” button. The file will load into the Contents pane in the middle of the application.

2. Click on individual clips of the imported file and drag them to the storyboard at the bottom of the application. You can drag and assemble these clips in any order you want.

3. Click on the “Show Timeline” button above the storyboard to change the storyboard setting to the timeline. Click on the beginning or end of a clip and drag it across the timeline to trim the clip.

4. Split a clip into two by clicking on a clip, selecting “Play Clip” from the Play menu, pausing the clip with “Pause Clip” when it reaches the correct spot and selecting “Split” from the Clip menu.

5. Combine two clips into one by holding down Ctrl and clicking on the two clips and then clicking on “Combine” in the Clip menu.

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6. Go to the “Finish Movie” list in the Movie Tasks menu and choose the finishing option you want. This includes saving the file to your computer or a CD, uploading it to the Internet and sending it to a connected camera.


7. Go to the File menu in iMovie and select the “Import Movies” command. Select your movie file from the list, choose if you want to make it a new Event or part of a current one and click the Import button.

8. Highlight part or all of the imported Event clip by dragging the mouse across it–and then drag it into the Project window at the top of the application.

9. Highlight any part of the clip within the Project window and press the Delete button to cut it from the clip.

10. Drag a highlighted piece of the clip to a spot within another clip to split the second clip and place the first in between.

11. Select “Export Using QuickTime” in the Share menu to save the file. You have a number of options, including saving it as an MP4 or a QuickTime Movie file.