Cut Audio From A Video

Cut Audio From a Video

When editing a video, you might find it necessary to remove the audio track so you can replace it with a different track or just make it soundless. Luckily, there are a number of video-editing applications that allow to you cut audio from a video. Some of them are free, while others must be purchased. Removing audio is perhaps one of the easiest steps involved in editing a video. It doesn’t require any technical skill. You just have to click a few buttons, and the sounds will be disabled from a video.


Method 1: VirtualDubMod

1. Download and install VirtualDubMod (see Resources).

2. Launch the application and click on “File.”

3. Select “Open Video File.” Now open the video file from which you want to cut audio.

4. Click “Streams” in the menu bar.

5. Click “Stream List.”

6. Click the “Disable” button after selecting the audio track listed in the Stream List.

7. Follow Step 6 to disable all audio tracks of the video.

8. Select “Video” from the menu bar and click on “Direct Stream Copy.”

9. Save the file by choosing “File” and then “Save As.” Give your file a name and click the “Save” button.

Method 2: Format Factory

10. Download and install Format Factory (see Resources). Launch the application when it finishes installing and click the “Video” button in the left panel.

11. Select the output format from the list. You can change the format to the ones available in the list, but you should probably keep the same format, since you’re only interested in removing the sound.

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12. Click on “Add File” and select the video file from which you want to remove audio.

13. Click the “Output Setting” button. Change the settings in the “Video Setting” window. Under the “Disable Audio” option, select “Yes” and click “OK.”

Click “OK” in the next window and click the “Start” button. When the process is finished, the audio will be gone from your video.

14. Choose “File” and then “Save As” to save the edited video file.

Method 3: AVS Video Editor

15. Download and install AVS Video Editor (see Resources). Launch the application after it installs.

16. Click the “Import Media” button under the “Start” menu pane. Then select “Add Video.” Locate and open the video file from which you want to remove sound.

17.Click the “Import” button. Click the “Create Video” button from the “Edit Movie” pane.

18. Drag and drop the video from the Media Library to the Storyboard.

19. Switch to “Add Audio” mode from the “Edit Movie” pane. Click the “Disable Audio” button. Then choose “File” and “Save As” to save the file.