Cut And Split Using Avs Converter Video

Edit your video clips on a computer using AVS Converter Video.

AVS Converter Video is a piece of free video editing software which can be downloaded to your computer. This software is primarily used for converting video files and burning them to a DVD disc, but it can also be used to edit video files. By entering the edit mode, you can split your video files into various chapters before burning them to disc.


1. Download and install AVS Video Converter — a link is provided in the Resources section.

2. Open AVS Video Converter, click “Browse” and select the video file you wish to split from your computer.

3. Click the “DVD” icon on the top toolbar and choose a preset from the “Profile” drop-down list. Use the arrow icons to arrange the list of files. Click “Browse” next to “Output File Name” and choose an output destination.

4. Click the “Edit” icon from the top toolbar to enter edit mode. Move the timeline cursor to where you would like to split the file. Click “Add Chapter” to cut it. Repeat the process for each split you would like to create. To cut more accurately, use the “Zoom” bar to zoom in closer to the timeline.

5. Click “Disc Menu” when you have finished splitting the file. Browse through the available menu templates and choose one for your DVD. If you wish to use a custom image, click the plus sign in the “Working Area” window to upload one.

6. Locate the “Settings” box in the bottom-right corner of the interface, type in the DVD title and click “Browse” to add background music. Click “Ok” to return to the default interface.

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