Crossfade Between Audio Clips In Premiere Pro

Once you have imported video clips and placed them in a sequence, you can begin to work with your audio tracks. When you have two clips adjacent to each other, you may find a “crossfade” transition between the clips an appropriate solution. A crossfade is when you lower the audio of your first clip, while bringing up the volume of the next clip. If you are a beginner, you can use the default crossfade settings, and when you are more advanced, you can choose your own settings.


Default Settings

1. Create a simple project with at least two clips containing audio. Click the triangle to the left of each track name in your Timeline panel to expand the audio tracks to be crossfaded.

2. Drag the clips using the selection tool so that the clips are adjacent to each other.

3. To apply a default audio crossfade, move the current-time indicator to the point where your edited clips meet.

4. Go to the Sequence Menu at the top of your workspace and choose “Apply Audio Transition.” You will see a purple bar appear over your audio edit point, indicating the default crossfade transition has been applied.

Custom Settings

5. To apply a non-default settings crossfade, click the triangle next to the Audio Transitions bin in the Effects panel. The Effects panel is a tab located to the right of your Info and History panel tabs.

6. Click on, and then drag the audio transition of your choosing directly on to your clip in the Timeline panel at the edit point between your two audio clips.

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7. Select the transition in the Timeline with your mouse, and go to the Effects Controls panel, next to your Source Clips Monitor. Adjust as needed.