Create Your Own Tv Channel By Uploading Videos

You can make your own online TV channel for free.

With the advent of new technology, making your own TV channel has become possible by investing reasonable time and effort into it. It may have been an impossible endeavor many years ago, but with the arrival of the Internet and a number of free online video platforms today, you can now create and maintain a digital TV channel without spending an exorbitant amount. Using a reasonable number of tools, you can broadcast live online video content or upload pre-edited material to your own TV channel.


Producing Your Videos

1. Conceptualize the theme and layout of the TV channel you want to make. This requires a clear understanding of the type of videos you want to produce, your target audience and the scheduling of your broadcasts. For instance, if you’re a fashionista, you can make a TV channel about your weekly ramblings and musings concerning recent fashion icons. If you’re a financial expert, you can provide a daily dose of tips or advice about people’s savings and investment needs. If you’re a storyteller, you can make episodic short films or comedy skits.

2. Make an outline of the first few videos you want to broadcast. You may actually plan an entire video series for a particular time period. This way, you have a clear projection on the flow of the content you will produce for your new TV channel.

3. Shoot your videos. You may use a consumer or prosumer camera, which is an affordable investment that you’ll need to make when regularly shooting videos for online broadcast. To make sure that quality sound is recorded as well, invest in a small microphone used in video productions. You can get a decent one for about $30 to $50.

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4. If doing live broadcast for your channel, you can avoid the editing process. In this case, make sure you plan everything carefully as there is no “take two” for this type of video-streaming method. If you’re not streaming live, edit the videos using your preferred video-editing program. Popular ones include Adobe Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Windows Movie Maker.

Streaming Your Videos

5. Register an account on an online video site, which will serve as your official TV channel. This typically requires providing an email address and personal information. Platforms that you can use include the free and more popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo and the more specialized broadcast sites like Operator11, Stickam, YourCams, Kyte, Splashcast, WorldTV, Feedbeat and CozmoTV. Each one has its own features and it is important to choose a platform that suits the type of videos you want to produce and how you want to package your channel for your audience.

6. Configure your TV channel. Depending on the platform you use, you can either make your own layout or choose from available templates. Usually, you can also customize the name and description of your channel.

7. Upload or stream your video using your online account.