Create Video Flash Files

Creating a Flash video file is an efficient method for presenting videos to an online audience. Flash videos maintain a good playback quality and load fast within a Flash player. Flash players are completely customizable and make an ideal online presentation method for your video. The FLV needed to play a Flash video online is an easy file to create with the proper software programs and a little patience.


1. Export your video from the video editing software program. Your file export options will vary with each editing program. Apple’s Final Cut is considered the industry standard for professional video editing, along with Adobe’s Premier, which is available for PCs. An MOV file is the preferred format with the least amount of compression and loss of quality.

2. Open the file in QuickTime Pro. Select “File- Export” and the “Movie to Flash (FLV)” option under Export. Select the proper location on your computer for the file to be exported to and click “Save.” QuickTime will export the file in the FLV format.

QuickTime Pro must be utilized, as the regular QuickTime player will not allow for export options when a file is opened in the program. The Apple website has a variety of additional resources and tutorials for working with QuickTime Pro.

3. Bring the movie file into Compressor and follow the proper compression steps to export an FLV file. Compressor is a program bundled with Final Cut Pro and requires a high level of expertise to use. That said, the options for using Compressor are vast and if video editing is something you want to pursue on a professional level, then this program may be appropriate for your needs.

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