Title cards impart information to the viewer in Adobe Premiere Pro. These cards can introduce a character, identify them or clarify important information which may not otherwise be communicated. Throughout a video production, titles can provide transitions from one segment to another.


1. Load Adobe Premiere Pro and create a new project. Select “File,” “New” and then “Project.” Use the aspect ratio and frame size you want your title drawing area to have.

2. Choose “File,” “New” and “Title” to create a new title in Adobe Title Designer.

3. Choose the font size and style for your title card.

4. Choose the “Horizontal Type” tool to begin typing your title card.

5. Click the mouse and type “Title.”

6. Format your text in the “Object Style” area.

7. Create your title card.

8. Choose “File” and “Save” once you have finished your title card. The “Title” file is saved to your hard drive and placed in the current project’s Project window.

9. Close the Title window and drag the title file from the Project window to a video track in the Timeline window in order to place the title in your project.