Create Scenes For Vhs To Dvd

The user will need to create scenes as VHS tapes do not have them.

Creating scenes on a DVD from a VHS tape requires that you first transfer footage on the VHS tape to a computer. Then, use a video editing suite to create a DVD compatible movie with marked scenes. The process is fairly simple and you can use native Windows software. However, you can also use programs like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro and Encore, Final Cut as well as Nero Vision.


1. Connect the VCR to the computer. You can connect the VCR to the computer using the RCA (audio video) outputs. If the computer does not have RCA ports then a you’ll need to purchase a special RCA to USB cable. This cable is inexpensive (under $15) and is available at many electronics store. Insert the VHS tape and rewind it.

2. Install a video editing suite. There is no native Windows software that can mark scenes for a DVD. Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Encore particularly provide the most comprehensive options for DVD encoding and video editing and are free. However Windows DVD Maker can create scenes. Most video editing software follows the same process. Open the video editing software and open the “Capture” window. Select the RCA to USB input. Press play on the VCR and record in the video editing software. The video from the VCR should appear on the program’s preview window. Wait for the capture to finish.

3. Copy the newly captured video footage to the “Time Line” and insert “Scene Markers” where appropriate. These scene markers will mark the different scenes on the DVD. Upon competing the DVD marking, click “Export the movie to DVD.” This will open up the burning dialog box in the video editing program. Enter in the “Name” of the film and customize any options (default is fine for most users.) Insert a blank DVD into the DVD drive. “Burn” the DVD. Wait for the burn process to finish; this may take up to an hour depending on the speed of the burner and type of movie. The DVD is being burned with scene markers. When the burning is complete eject the DVD and insert it into a DVD player. Test to make sure the scenes properly burned.

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