Create My Own Internet Tv Station

The Internet brings the dream of having your own TV station within reach. Terrestrial TV requires a large amount of start-up capital, as well as various licenses and fees. Internet TV requires nothing more than a computer, an Internet connection, a digital camcorder, an editing program and a vision. With very little out-of-pocket cost, you can start shooting your own Internet TV programs and broadcasting them around the world.


1. Decide on a format. Internet TV stations have comedy, drama and commentary. They also come in live streaming and pre-recorded format. Decide what content you wish to air and how you wish to air it.

2. Find a host. Whether broadcasting live or pre-recorded content, you need a platform for it. Vimeo hosts pre-recorded content. Livestream works for streaming content. Both are available in free and premium formats.

3. Film your content. Record pre-recorded content with a video camcorder. Simply sit in front of the camera and start performing for live streaming content.

4. Edit content. Take out unnecessary parts of your content. For example, if you have an interview show, take out awkward conversational moments. If you recorded a sketch comedy, take out parts that slow the action down. Add in bumpers and credits.

5. Upload your content to a video hosting site.

6. Publicize your station. Use your content to attract new viewers. If you have a blog, talk the TV station up on there. Utilize social networking and bookmarking sites. Flier local events with relevant interests to your content.

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