Create Movies With Still Pictures

Some people made flip books when they were young. They would draw stick people on pieces of paper in different positions, then flip through them, watching the stick people as they appeared to move. Today people send pictures by e-mail, to family and friends. People who want to be creative can make movies on their computers using digital pictures and video editing software. The following steps will tell you how.


1. Take pictures with a digital camera. Have a friend help, or use a tripod. Download pictures to your computer.

2. Open the video-making software and select the pictures to be imported. Select all your pictures, then click “import.”

3. Put the pictures in the order you want them in the movie. Drag the pictures into the storyboard. Increase the speed of the photo display to make the pictures load more quickly.

4. Add music. To do so, first find Show Timeline in the options to check the length of your movie, then edit the music to the same length as your movie. Use the option button in the video editing software to choose Import Audio or Music, to import the music into the same place as the pictures.

5. View the movie by clicking “preview.” When the movie is like you want it, save it to your computer in the folder where you want it kept.

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