Create Mods For Games

Creating mods for video games takes time.

Mods are changes or alterations that an individual has made to a preexisting video game. These changes and alterations take place in the editor, a piece of software that allows changes in the video game, that comes with the retail video game. The editor is a program that allows you to completely alter the way the video game runs and plays. These changes range from simple color changes to extreme game mechanic alterations. Learning to mod a video game takes a lot of time and patience.


Designing The Mod

1. Write down all of the ideas and thoughts you have on your mod. Take the time to fully flesh out the mod. You want as much information down on paper as possible. Draw some doodles and pictures for visual representations of your level design.

2. Research which video game for which you want to create the mod. Every video game has its own video game editing software known as the editor, and no two editors are the same.

3. Find out the details on the engine that runs your video game. Like a car, every video game has a core engine that runs the whole program. This engine can only interact with certain files. Find out what files you can use with your engine.

4. Search for websites online that have a database of tutorials. The best tutorials are ones that walk you through the steps with video guidance. Describing design a mod can be confusing using just text or audio.

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5. Join an online community dedicated to a certain editor. This community will contain professionals and amateurs alike. Ask questions about the engine and read what other people have done. You can learn a lot from the mistakes of others.

6. Create a small map with the editor software. A general rule of thumb: the smaller the map, the easier it is to create a mod. You do not want to overextend yourself when you are just starting out.

7. Build the levels for your map. Use the terrain menu in the editor to build pathways for the player to travel along. Create a realistic universe by adding flaws to the terrain, such as hills, cliffs and rivers. Creating a perfectly flat map does not add character to your mod.

8. Open up the units menu in the editor. Change the way the units work by altering the preset mathematics set by the developers. Changing the damage one unit does to another can drastically change the way your mod plays.

9. Generate doodads around your map. Doodads are objects that a player cannot interact with, but that they can see. They add flair and dynamic to your mod. Some common doodads would be trees, bushes and grass.

10. Create a trigger that allows the player to win the mod. An example would be killing a specific monster or capturing an object somewhere on the map. The choice is completely up to you and how you want to mod the game.