Create Hockey Recruit Highlights

Organized youth leagues represent the the most effective venue to indentify talent.

Hockey teams and organizations evaluate talent using videotaped footage of the player’s accomplishments and style of play. Videotaped footage acts as both a marketing tool for the player and a video record that allows coaches and team officials to promote the players. Generally, players, coaches and family members can create high quality player highlights by using modern video editing techniques. In addition, the creators of video highlights must follow basic film editing and film-making steps to ensure the value of the footage.


1. Create a written player bio. Write down personal and career data to accompany the player’s video highlights. Write down information on the player’s place of birth and current residence while adding the player’s position and amateur career statistics. In addition, create a photograph of the player, while placing all of the captured data in a folder or records jacket.

2. Contact the player’s former coaches. Gather information of the player’s style, strengths and career development from former coaches and team personnel. Record the conversations for commentary to add to either the highlight video or the player’s information packet. In addition, record the name, tenure and organization of the former coach.

3. Locate game day film or video recordings. Contact former teams, coaches or league organizers to gather game film on the player. Request an email delivery for all film that exists in digital format. For VHS recordings, request a mailed copy of the footage for highlight creation.

4. Develop a time line for the highlights. View the footage to develop an organized line of evens for the highlights. Organize the film to begin with highlights from the earliest years of the player’s career. Show the relevant accomplishments that set the player apart from others (i.e. game winning goals, difficult plays or plays showing speed or power). Add time for any interviews or player sound bites to display the player’s personality or demeanor.

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5. Visit a videographer to digitize VHS-based player footage.

6. Use film-editing software to create a video of digital highlights. Use thetime line to add organization and order to the highlights. Add music or written captions to accompany each segment or clip. Begin the video with an introduction to the player and end the highlights with the player’s most recent accomplishments.

7. Copy the highlights. Create several computer-based copies of the highlights for distribution and use. Save the highlights in a separate folder on a system’s hard drive or save the file as an email attachment.