Create Free Movies On The Web

A camcorder or webcam can help record your favorite memories.

Videos are a popular way to capture important events and memories. Many individuals enjoy editing their video clips to make them more entertaining. Video editing software can often cost a lot of money, but there are free editing programs online. Discover create free movies using web-based editing software to turn your home video clips into online masterpieces.


Create a Free Movie Using Your Own Clips

1. Connect your digital video camcorder to your computer. Import the video clips on your camcorder to your computer using software such as Windows Movie Maker on a PC or iMovie on a Mac. Alternatively, capture video clips using your computer’s webcam.

2. Logon to a free online movie creator using a standards-compliant web browser, such as Safari on a Mac or Firefox on a PC. Some of the largest editing sites include JayCut and One True Media (see Resources). Enter your account details in the top right-hand corner of the sites. If you do not have a JayCut or One True Media account, you can create one for free.

3. Upload your video clips. On JayCut, press “Upload” in the top menu bar. A new screen will appear. Select the video files you imported from your camcorder or webcam. Press “Upload” in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. On One True Media, click “Create” in the top menu bar. On the resulting screen, click the green “Create” button. Press “Select Files” to choose your video files and upload. Depending on the size of the video file and your Internet connection, uploading to JayCut or One True Media can take several minutes.

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4. Start creating your movie. On JayCut, click “MixIt!” in the top menu bar. A video editor will appear. Drag your video clips into the time line. You can drag and drop to rearrange the order that the clips appear. On One True Media, use the navigational arrows below each video clip to rearrange the order of the clips or trim their length.

5. Add special effects. On JayCut, click the “Music” tab to add songs and sound effects. Press “Effects” or “Transitions” to add special effects and transitions between your video clips. Drag and drop an effect onto the time line in the row below your video clips. On One True Media, click “Song” to add music, or the “Add” buttons at the top of the window to add photos, text transitions and other effects.

6. Preview your edited video. In JayCut, it will be displayed in the small screen in the top right-hand corner of the site. On One True Media, click the green “Preview Montage” button on the right-hand side of the editing window.

7. Publish your final video. When you are happy with the movie you’ve created, click “Publish” on JayCut or One True Media. Your movie will be saved and uploaded online, and you can view, share and download the resulting movie.