Create Credits In Imovie

iMovie is a fairly easy movie editing program that comes with Apple’s iLife software package. It allows fairly unskilled, nonprofessional filmmakers to effectively edit and alter their movies. One key component that every movie has is closing credits. Creating closing credits on iMovie is fairly simple but may take some practice. Learn create credits in iMovie by reading this article.


1. Open iMovie.

2. Click on “File – Open Project.” Choose the project you wish to add credits to, and open it.

3. Click on “Title” on the right-hand side of the screen to get to the Title area.

4. Search through the scroll bar menu for “Centered.” Click on this option.

5. Choose “Centered Multiple.”

6. Type the text you wish to display in your closing credits in the spaces provided. If you need additional space, click the “+” button.

7. Click “Preview” to preview your credits.

8. Drag your credits clip into the clip viewer.

9. Insert the body of your movie before your credit clip.

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