Create Credits In Final Cut Pro

Scrolling credits have been a fixture in film and television for decades because they are easily read and more visually interesting than static screens of text. Simple scrolling text sequences are easily built within Final Cut Pro. These pieces can be added to a project almost as quickly as one can type. Pre-written titles can even be copy and pasted into the system.


1. Open Video Generators (this is under the Effects tab of the Browser), and then open Text and click “Scrolling Text.” The Viewer will open a Scrolling Text screen. Select the “Controls” tab.

2. Enter the titles into the Text box. This can be pasted from another source. The computer will NOT automatically break up the text, so each line must be indicated by pressing “Return.”

3. Adjust the properties with the standard Font, Size, Style, Alignment and Color controls which are located immediately beneath the Text box.

4. Set the Leading percentage. This creates a blank area, expressed as a percentage of the length, at the beginning of the text. For immediate onscreen text, leave Leading set to 0%.

5. Click the Video tab. The running length of the titles is found in the upper left corner of the viewer pane. Click on this, and set it to the desired length. If unsure, read the credits aloud in an even and understandable pace (similar to normal conversation). Time this reading, and use it as a guide for the title’s running time.

6. Drag the clip to the Timeline. If the titles are to run over video, place the clip in the desired location on top of the video in v2. If plain text over a black background is desired, enter the clip into the main Timeline.

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7. Save, render and save the project again.