Create An Mov File

Create a .mov file.

A .mov video file is in the default format for all Mac computers. It also accepted by Windows-based systems. Most media players and video editors accept the .mov movie format, making it one of the most versatile formats available on your computer. However, if you have a movie file that isn’t in the .mov format, it is possible to convert it and create a .mov file, if you choose.


1. Open Windows Movie Maker from the “Start,” “All Programs” menu (or type it in the search bar when using Windows 7).

2. Click “File,” “Import” and choose the video file you want to convert to .mov. The file loads into the display panel on the side of your editing program.

3. Click-and-drag the video file you loaded into the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

4. Select “File,” “Save Movie As” and a save window appears on the screen. Title the movie and choose a location to save the file to. Click on the format pull-down menu at the bottom of the screen and select “.mov.” Select “Save” and the .mov file is created.

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