Create After Effects Tutorials

After Effects is a video editing software made by Adobe. This is the same company that makes the popular image editing software Photoshop. The purpose of a tutorial is to show someone do something, and After Effects is a tough software to learn, making a tutorial very beneficial. Software tutorials are harder to make because the most beneficial way to make them is by showing the viewer exactly what you’re doing with screen capture software. It is a little more challenging than, say, just writing down steps in a text document.


1. Navigate to a popular search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing and search for a screen recording software that you’d like to use to make your After Effects tutorial. If you don’t want to search for screen recording software, see the Resources for a few different screen recording software programs for you to try.

2. Download and install your screen recording software when you’ve selected the one you want to use. Most screen recording programs work the same way. When you’re ready to make your tutorial of After Effects, you simply hit the “Record” button, which will look like a red circle at the top of the program window.

3. Show viewers exactly do whatever it is you’re making the tutorial to show them. Launch Adobe After Effects and complete the process of whatever you want to teach viewers. The screen recording software will run in the background and record every single movement your mouse makes. If you want to narrate as you show the viewer what you’re doing, simply plug in a microphone to your computer and narrate. The recording software will add your voice to the final tutorial file. When you have finished showing viewers what they need to see to learn what you’re teaching them, go back to the recording software and hit the “Stop” button, which will look like a black square. It will be next to where the “Record” button was at the top of the program window.

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4. Find the video file that the screen recording software made. It will probably be stored in “My Documents” or “My Videos.” The video file contains your entire tutorial. Play the video by double-clicking on it to make sure it is exactly as you want it to be. If you are satisfied with your tutorial, you’re ready to share it with others. You can upload it to the Internet, email it or simply show your friends on the same computer to teach them Adobe After Effects.