Create A Webquest Training Video

Enhance your WebQuest with a video.

A WebQuest is a Web-based activity in which most or all of the content that learners view and use comes from the Internet. The WebQuest website provides the opportunity to search for, access, create and customize a WebQuest, which contains an introduction, a task, a list of information sources required to complete the task, a description of complete the task steps, guidance on organizing the information collected and a conclusion that summarizes what students will achieve upon completion. Creating a WebQuest training video involves scripting, making, editing and uploading the video to the Internet so that it can be linked from your WebQuest page.


1. Select a topic for your WebQuest. Select a design and describe how the learners will be evaluated. Design the process and determine how the video will be incorporated. WebQuest design patterns such as commemorative message, exhibits, persuasive messages, historical reenactment, teaching a procedure, travel account or diary lend themselves to using video.

2. Script your video. Scripting involves writing what the video is about, what people say, and developing a storyboard that visualizes the flow. Make sure events occur logically from one shot to the next.

3. Make your video. Using your video camera, capture the action by getting the best shot possible using natural light or lighting you set up. Eliminate any unnecessary noises in the area such as fans, phones or refrigerators. Ensure your microphone is functioning properly.

4. Edit your video to pull all the elements together. Import your video shots, music and narration, and arrange the clips to tell a story that supports your educational objective. Use music to set the mood of your training piece. Add effects such as page transitions to enhance the overall presentation. Avoid using too many effects. Higher-quality video requires more storage space and can impact the load time.

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5. Establish a rubric to evaluate the effectiveness of your training video. Ensure you focus on a learning objective and use a range to rate the performance of your learners. When you evaluate your students, specify to what degree each student has achieved the objective.

6. Upload your video to a website such as YouTube or to store it and provide access to it.

7. Link to your video on your WebQuest website.