Create A Video In Beta

A video beta release can help you get information to enhance the final product.

In the world of software creation, a beta release is a new version of the software that is ready to be tested by a wider audience, but not quite ready for release to the wide world. While that’s where it started, the term “beta” has slowly been expanded to include anything that is in its “test phase.” In video terms, you could create a “beta video” to share with a select group of people before you release it to the general public. While it’s not quite the same thing as testing the bugs in a software program, it can help you enhance and improve the video you’ve created.


1. Edit your video in the video editing program of your choice, including title pages, transitions and all effects and features you have determined you’ll include.

2. Upload your video to a video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo. For YouTube, make the video unlisted so that only people with the link can see it. For Vimeo, make the video password-protected so that people have to have a password to access the video.

3. Solicit the advice of your viewers by putting information on your video description page. Include information letting users know that the video is a beta version, and that you are looking for comments and suggestions to make it better. Provide your email address or encourage people to leave comments about parts they liked or didn’t like.

4. Send the URL for the video to a select group of people on your mailing list, letting them know that you’ve released a beta version of your video in hopes of getting feedback to make it better. If you want a bigger audience to see it, send a note out on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, providing the link and any applicable passwords to the video.

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5. Use your viewer feedback to re-edit the video. Then send another update to your original viewers, letting them know you’ve responded to their suggestions. This can be a crucial aspect of your marketing plan — letting people know that you’ve heard their concerns and responded can result in a more loyal following.