Create A Simple Affiliate Website

A simple affiliate website can be set up in only a few hours if you know your marketing niche.

An affiliate website is one in which the owner of the site is able to sell products and services from one or more companies in exchange for a commission. Anyone interested in earning a second income or replacing lost income can set up an affiliate marketing account with top-name brands. Once the affiliate sets up a website and drives traffic to it, he will earn money for every sale.


1. Choose a niche topic to market affiliate products for, such as electronics, based on personal level of interest and knowledge of the subject.

2. Choose one or more sub-niches with the chosen marketing niche, for example, iPod or iPad.

3. Visit each affiliate marketplace website on your list. Search for the items you are interested in selling. Register for each affiliate marketplace which features products in your chosen niche.

4. Enter banking details and your PayPal account email address in order for affiliate sales to be processed and paid.

5. Search for affiliate programs. Register for each program of interest. If approved, create a link for each of the products you wish to sell using the link builder provided. Copy each link into a word processing file. Name the file and save.

6. Decide on your website name based on the name of the marketing niche or sub-niche you have selected. Log onto the internet and search for a domain hosting service which offers a control panel (CPanel) such as HostGator or GoDaddy.

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7. Search to see if your chosen domain name is available. If not, make adjustments to the domain name until you find one which is available for purchase. Select the monthly hosting plan. Pay the domain registration and first month’s hosting fee. Note down your username and password to log in to your CPanel.

8. Log in to the CPanel at your hosting site. Click on the Fantastico Suite icon near the bottom of the page.

9. Download WordPress to your new site. Choose a user name and password carefully. Write down these details and store them in your affiliate link file. Email your installation details to yourself using the form provided.

10. Click on the domain name administration link to log into your new website.

11. Click on “Posts” on the top left-hand side and then “Add New”. Create a title for this new article (post) about the first item you wish to sell at your new affiliate website. Copy your link from your affiliate link file into the HTML view in the Add New Posts interface. Click “Save” to save the article or “Publish” to save it and publish it immediately on your site. Click “View Post” to be sure it looks the way you wish. Go back to Posts and click on the title if you wish to edit the article or link further.

12. Repeat Step 11 for each of the products you wish to sell.

13. Drive traffic to your new affiliate site through various methods, including your email signature file, forums, chat rooms, social media sites, pay-per-click and linking.

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