Create A Sequence Photo In Photoshop

Create a Sequence Photo in Photoshop

A sequence photo is a series of images displaying the same object in various positions that mimic continual movement such as the throwing of a ball or the opening of a flower. Sequences show movement, so still life subjects are not commonly used unless they are manipulated by a third party to change positions for the photo. To create the photo you need first to take multiple shots that can then be sewn together side by side in Adobe Photoshop to form a sequence.


1. Take your sequence photographs. Choose a subject that can be captured in motion. Make sure you have a camera that can take multiple rapid-fire shots if you are using a fast moving object, such as a batter winding up at the plate. For slower sequences, such as someone emerging from a car, a slower camera may be used, however posing may be necessary. Most sequences are a minimum of three shots and a maximum of around five. Make sure you take plenty of shots, so you have a few to choose from for quality control.

2. View your photos on a photo viewing application, such as Windows Photo Gallery. This allows you to see and choose which photos you wish to use for your sequence. Choose three to five photos that appear to portray a sequence of movement, perhaps ball in hand, ball and hands raised, and finally hands free while ball flies through the air. You want the sequence to look as if you are seeing a moving image while looking left to right. Choose photos that are consistent in zoom and lighting.

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3. Open your chosen photos in Adobe Photoshop and perform any editing and cropping necessary. The shots should all be of the same contrast–one should not be darker or lighter than the other–if there are differences in light, adjust accordingly using the levels application or the brightness/contrast application found under Image-Adjustments.

4. Create one large canvas wide enough to fit the widths of three or five of the photos. The easiest way to do this is to begin by selecting the first photograph and press copy (under the Edit bar). Select “New” under the File bar and an application box will appear on your screen asking for the desired dimensions of the new canvas. The number that is currently in the dimensions is the exact same as the photo already copied. To create a correctly sized canvas, increase the width to three times the amount already in the box. If you wish to add border space between the sequence photos, add an extra amount–20 to 40 pixels depending on the border width you desire. Hit “Ok” and a new canvas will be created.

5. Paste the first picture and continue with the rest, first copying and then pasting onto the canvas. Arrange them in the order of sequence and with or without border space in between. Once you have settled the photos to the position you desire, select the “Layer” tab and scroll to the bottom and choose “Flatten Image.” This will compress the photo into one single image.