Create A Newscast

Putting together a newscast is simpler than you think. With some research, writing, access to the right equipment and a dedicated team of individuals to help research, write, scout locations, shoot, edit and distribute the newscast, you’re ready to produce and broadcast your very own newscast.

What You Need

You will need a video camera, video equipment (microphone, tripod, tapes), access to the Internet, newspapers, television and radio and editing equipment.

Research for Your Target Audience

Based on the interests of your target audience, research online, in print or on radio or television news content that is relevant to their interests. Ideas for reports can include anything from local, national and international news to weather, sports and entertainment coverage. It is also important to research any media lists and media outlets, because if you intend to broadcast your newscast, you will need to distribute it to several sources.

Writing the Script

Write scripts for each report. It is also helpful to include storyboards on which you can include video footage, photos or sound bites that you will be featuring in the report. Storyboards come in handy during the editing process.

Record Your Newscast

Once the scripts are complete and rehearsed, you are ready to record your newscast. If you will shoot additional non-newsroom/studio footage, be sure to have researched your locations beforehand.

Editing and Distributing Your Newscast

Editing software like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro can be used on a personal computer. Editing helps you cut out unnecessary footage and add graphics, music, sound bits and other footage. Once the editing process is complete, transfer the footage to your desired medium (DVD, VHS, flash drive), and it is ready for distribution. If you intend on broadcasting your newscast, you should submit the copy to major wire services, media outlets and online media libraries. Make sure to follow the submission guidelines of these outlets.

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For ideas, research any previous newscasts of the topics you want to discuss.

If shooting on location, make sure to obtain permission.

Make sure your camera’s batteries are fully charged. Bring an extra battery in case.

To keep your viewers interested, spread your most interesting stories throughout the newscast.