Create A Link To A File Using Html Programming

HTML, or hypertext markup language, is a computer language that is used to create web pages. Websites and web pages are written in HTML code. Whether you are setting up a personal web page or a business web page, learning HTML code can be very beneficial. Knowing use the codes can help you manipulate your page settings. HTML documents contain plain text and have the extension .html or .htm extension. You can create a link to a file on your page that users can click on to download a file from your site to their computer. Adding links to give viewers the ability to download files from your site is an excellent way to make your page attractive. This guide will teach you create links to your files within your web pages. It presents a very simple approach to customizing your page.


1. Start your word processor or text editor that you will use to create your web page. Open the page that you will be adding a link to. Add the image to your page that you want users to transfer to their page.

2. Place your cursor in front of the name of the file that users will download and type Type after the name of the file.

3. Replace the question mark with a name that describes the name of your file. Ensure that you use only letters and numbers in your name. Your text within your paragraph should look like the example below. This is sample text


4. Open a new web browser to verify that your web page adds the link. Try downloading the file to your own computer. To display your page you may use a browser, such as Internet Explorer. To open your web page in the browser, click the “File” button along the “Menu” bar, click “Open.” The open dialog box appears. Click browse to locate your web page in the location that it is saved. Choose the web page that you wish to open. Your web page will appear in the browser.

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