Create A Fisheye Effect In Pinnacle Studio

A fish-eye effect changes the focal point of a video or photo.

Pinnacle Studio is a user-friendly video editing program designed to create amateur and professional media productions. A number of special effects are built into the program, including more than 100 scene transitions, frame-by-frame editing, title creation, audio soundtracks and video-correction tools. A sample of Hollywood-quality, 3-D effects is included, as well, with the option to purchase more. One special effects package you can buy called “Fun Effects” has a “Magnify” plug-in that turns video into an elevated oval. This fish-eye effect can be downloaded and added to your video toolbox.


1. Load Pinnacle Studio and wait for the “Edit” pane to appear. Locate the video on your computer on which you want to create the fish-eye effect and drag it into the time line.

2. Click the video camera icon above the time line to open the video toolbox.

3. Click the plug-in icon to open the effects menu. Select “Fun Effects” and then click “Magnify.” Preview the effect to make sure this is the type of fish-eye effect you desire, then click “Unlock Effect Pack.”

4. Purchase the effect pack from the Pinnacle Systems website. Wait for your transaction to complete and confirm that the effect pack has been unlocked.

5. Use your new effect on the video in your time line.

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