Create A Dvd Using Idvd

With Apple’s iDVD software, it’s quick and simple to make incredible-looking DVDs for your home movies. Follow these quick steps to create a DVD using this software.


1. Choose the movie you wish to burn. Make sure that it does not exceed 2 GB.

2. Open the iDVD application (under the Machintosh HD icon, in the Applications folder).

3. Choose a theme for your DVD menu design from iDVD’s many options. Each template has an entry theme and other screens with accompanying chapters.

4. Change the title of the iDVD movie to your own title.

5. Under the Tabs icon, drag pictures and music into the blank boxes (“drop zones”) provided by the template. You can add music right from your iTunes library to customize your menus.

6. Drag the desired movies you wish to burn into the movie drop zone for the template you selected. They will automatically be placed on the menu for the DVD.

7. Click on Burn. Your DVD will automatically start to render and burn.

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