Create A 3d Effect With Image Editing Software

Even if you don’t have a ton of experience with photo editing, you can still easily spruce up your letterhead or MySpace page with some artwork of your own. If you have a clear idea of the look you’d like to achieve, creating a 3D effect with your existing image editing software is a breeze.


1. Sketch out your idea before you go to the computer. Even if you aren’t Picasso, have a rough sketch of what you want your finished project look like before you begin. Focus on placement, color and structure.

2. Open your image editing software with the image or text that you want to create a 3D effect with. Duplicate the original layer to use as a reference tool later on.

3. Erase the background of the object or text. If you are making an apple appear 3D, erase the background already in the picture. You can do this by using an eraser tool. Once you have finished, use a blending tool to smudge any rough looking edges. Zoom in close to make the edges look natural.

4. Create a new layer and add shadows by using a brush at 50 to 60% opacity with O% hardness. Try not to go back over shadows you’ve already painted to avoid dark streaks in your shadow. Use the original image as a guide for adding shadows so you know where they would fall naturally.

5. Use a highlighting tool or a dimmed opacity white brush on a new layer on top of your object to create highlights for a more realistic effect.

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