Copyright A Photo On Photobucket

A watermark can be used to copyright photos on Photobucket.

Photobucket is a free image hosting service that allows users to upload their photos for public display on the Internet. Currently, Photobucket does not have an option that allows users to claim a copyright on their photo, but under U.S. copyright law the person who takes the photo automatically claims the copyright. If you wish to make a visible copyright watermark on your photo to prevent others from using your photos without credit, this can be done using layering with photo editing software.


1. Open the photo you wish to watermark in your editing software.

2. Create a new blank layer on top of the photo.

3. Create your watermark. You can have a copyright symbol with text (IE: Your name, all rights reserved, etc), an image, or virtually anything you want for your watermark.

4. Change the opacity of the watermark layer until you are satisfied with the watermark’s appearance.

5. Save the photo as a new filename so that you don’t leave save the watermark on your original file. Upload the watermarked file to your Photbucket account.

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