Copy Two Dvds To One

Compress two or more of your home DVDs onto one DVD to increase your shelf space.

Modern desktop video publishing software gives you the ability to transfer your digital videos from your computer to Digital Video Disks, or DVDs, that can play on your DVD player. However, sometimes your only copies of your digital videos may be on DVD disks, requiring you to copy the videos to your computer if you want to transfer them. Using DVD-ripping software, video-editing software and your DVD-RW drive, you can take video from your original DVDs and compress it into a single DVD.


1. Insert the first DVD you want to copy into your DVD-ROM drive.

2. Copy the footage to your computer using DVD-ripping software. Many DVD ripping products, such as WinX DVD and AoA DVD Ripper, offer free trials of their product. Save your ripped files in .mp4 or .mpeg format.

3. Insert the second DVD you want to copy into your DVD-ROM drive and repeat step two.

4. Open your video-editing software and import the two .mp4 or .mpeg files you created. Place them on your video-editing software‘s timeline in the order you want them to appear.

5. Export the file you created in your video-editing program as a .wmv or .mpg file. The .wmv and .mpg format will reduce your file size and make it more likely that your files will fit on one DVD.

6. Insert a blank DVD-ROM disk into your DVD-RW drive. Burn the file you created in step five to your blank DVD-ROM using DVD burning software. You can use the burning software that comes with Windows, or you can use third-party burning software such as “Nero 7” or “Alcohol 120 Percent.”

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