Copy From A Sony Camcorder To A Computer

Copying recorded videos and still photos from a Sony Camcorder to a computer is a simple process. With the right equipment, software and connections, you can begin saving media onto your hard drive to store, edit and burn copies as you choose.


Storing Video to a PC

1. Make sure your PC has the capabilities for copying and storing video—whether it be a direct iLINK input, or for older models a card slot for the IEEE 1394 Firewire card. Also, video files can take up a lot of memory, so make sure there is ample free space in your hard drive.

2. Bring up Windows Movie Maker and connect the camcorder to your PC by iLINK or IEEE 1394 connection. Turn it on and set it to playback mode. Most PCs now come with a DVD player/burner installed, as well as Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker. Other software programs may use slightly different terms but will perform similarly.

3. Find the Import menu, at the top left corner of Movie Maker, and click “From digital video camera.” If you’ve copied video before, a box will pop up when you turn on and connect the camera asking if you wish to import the video.

4. Choose whether you wish to import all or just parts of the video, and click that. Follow the cues to begin copying. If you wish to only copy certain parts, find the spot from which you want copying to start, monitor the transfer and stop manually by pressing the stop button onscreen or on your camcorder.

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5. Choose a name for the file and save your video before disconnecting the camcorder.

Copying Photos from Your Camcorder

6. Connect your camcorder to one of the USB inputs of your PC. Turn the camera on and set it to “PC” mode (name of setting my vary by model).

7. Use the “Auto Play” menu’s pop-up window to choose options for importing and viewing photos. Some models may have different programs, all should walk you through the steps. One option is to “Import pictures using Windows.” If you’d like to transfer all your stored photos, click that, and copying will begin.

8. Name the photos, when prompted. Make note of which folder they’re being saved to so you can find them later.

9. Copy just a few photos by clicking on “Open folder to view files,” which opens a new window. Depending on your camera, a few file locations may be found, click until you find the photo you need.

10. Right-click on the photo you’d like to copy and move the cursor to “send to,” then choose either “My Documents” or “Desktop” to be able to find them easily. From there, you can name each photo and transfer them to other locations in your hard drive.