use keyboard shortcut for fast editing!

Using keyboard shortcuts to execute commands instead of relying on the mouse can save you a lot of time while working on the computer. When you are writing an article, researching information, or editing a document, you often use the Copy and Paste functions. The following steps will teach you use keyboard shortcuts to make the task easier:


1. Open any document file or any other file with text characters on it. In this example, I will use the text in the above introduction since they are made up of string of characters. I will copy the whole paragraph and paste it to another page.

2. Highlight the whole paragraph. Move the cursor before the first word “Using”. The cursor is the blinking symbol that you’ll see as you are typing. While holding the Shift key, use the arrow keys to highlight the rest of the paragraph. Your selection should end at the last symbol “:”.

3. Once the whole paragraph is highlighted, press the key combination CTRL + C to copy the whole highlighted text.

4. Open a new blank Word document.

5. Position the cursor on the spot where you would like the paragraph to be copied. To paste the selected text, press CTRL + V.

6. The process takes less than a minute depending on how fast you are in navigating between the controls and windows. Mastering this editing commands using keyboard instead of mouse will make you accomplish task much faster and easier.