Convert Xvid To Divx In Virtualdub

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If you download videos from the Internet to watch on your computer, then chances are good you have run across many of the possible video codecs available for digital video. You probably have run across at least one video encoded using Xvid. People who work with digital video a lot will tend to have preferences for certain codecs, for any number of reasons. DivX has been around much longer than Xvid has, therefore, support for DivX will be greater. Converting an Xvid file to Divx is a relatively simple process.


1. Download and install the latest Divx, Xvid and LAME MP3 codecs.

2. Launch the VirtualDub application. Click on “File” and select “Open.” In the dialog, navigate to and select the Xvid video file you wish to convert.

3. Click on “Video” and select the “Fast recompress” option. Then click on “Audio” and select the “Full stream processing” option.

4. Click on “Video” again, and select “Compression.” In the window that pops up, choose the Divx version you just installed, and click “Configure.” Download and use the bitrate calculator following the instructions given to choose a bitrate for your converted video. When the bitrate is set, click on “OK.”

5. Click on “Audio” again, and select “Compression.” In the window that pops up, select the LAME MP3 encoder, and then choose your target sample and bit rates. You want to use 44100kHz or 48000kHz; after that, it is a matter of preference. Lower kbps rates produce worse sound, as does CBR. Use VBR encoding and a kbps setting of at least 192 for decent sound. When you have made your choices, click “File” and select “Save AVI.” VirtualDub will begin processing the video and output a DivX encoded version of it.

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