Convert Wmv To Slow Motion

Convert WMV to Slow Motion

When applied thoughtfully, the “slow motion” video effect is an effective way to heighten drama in a video clip. Using some basic video editing software, you can easily apply this effect to any WMV (Windows Media Video) video clip. The steps to converting a WMV video clip to slow motion can be split into two separate sections: applying the “slow motion” special effect to the WMV file and rendering the modified WMV file to a format viewable by any digital media playback device.


Applying the “Slow Motion” Special Effect to the WMV Video Clip Import into Collections…” and select the WMV file you wish to convert to slow motion. Click “Import.”

3. Display the WMV file you wish to convert to slow motion. In Windows Movie Maker, select the name of the WMV file from the Collections drop-down menu at top.

4. Drag the WMV file into the timeline or storyboard.

5. Right-click the WMV video clip in the timeline or storyboard to display a context menu and select “Video Effects…”

6. Select “Slow Down, Half” from the “Available Effects” pane. Click “Add,” then click “OK.” This applies the slow motion effect to the selected WMV clip.

Rendering the Modified WMV Video Clip

7. Go to “File > Save Movie File…”

8. Select “My Computer” and click “Next.”

9. Enter a file name for your modified WMV video clip, select the folder on your hard drive where you would like to save the new file, and click “Next.”

10. Select “Best fit to file size” and leave it at the default size. Click “Next.” Windows Movie Maker will convert and save your WMV video–with the slow motion effect– under the name and folder you specified in Step 3 of this Section.

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