Convert Window Movie Maker Video To Mpg

Windows Movie Maker is a powerful editing tool that creates project files (.mswmm extension) in order for you to lay out your videos and eventually create a full-featured movie. It can produce files in a variety of output formats such as MPG (MPEG) of almost any level depending on your version. The program replaced older video programs when it was released with Windows XP Home edition. While you can create projects on any computer you have installed Windows Movie Maker, you can only create output files (such as MPG) on a XP machine, or newer operating system.


1. Open the Windows Movie Maker program. The executable is generally under Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories.

2. Open the project file you wish to convert. You can use the “Open File” option located under “Fiile” if you used the current machine to create the file, or “Import File” if you are bringing in a project file from another machine.

3. Save the file you have just opened using “Save As,” located under the “File” menu. Be sure to give it a name that will be useful in identifying it as well as selecting a location that you can easily find the movie later. Do not click “OK” yet.

4. Click “Next” instead of “OK” to open a special dialog tree that will have many file type options including MPG to save as. If you accidentally hit “OK”, cancel out and restart with the “Save As” procedure.

5. Select MPG in the special dialog tree that is open and click “OK.” This will begin a conversion process that could take several minutes to an hour, based on the length of your movie and the speed of your computer. After it is finished, you will have the option of playing your new movie as well as having a copy saved in the location you selected previously.

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