Convert Video Movies To Mp4 With Nero Recode

Nero Recode 2 is one of several products previously offered in the now discontinued Nero 8 digital software program package. Nero Recode 2 supports video and DVD conversions to MP4—Nero’s default digital format. It also provides users the option to set the size and quality of your converted MP4, as well as allowing you to edit or cut sections of video. You may also add chapters, subtitles and audio tracks to your output, if needed. Please note that some quality may be lost if converting from high-resolution source footage, due to Nero Recode’s compression standards.


1. Open the Nero 8 Smart Start menu and click the “Convert DVD-Video Movies to Nero Digital” icon to enter Nero Recode 2. Nero 8 is the most recent version in which Nero Recode is available.

2. Click the “Import Files” button, located on the right side of the menu. Direct Nero to the video or DVD movie on your computer’s hard drive or disc drive and highlight your selection. Press “Add Title” and wait for your video to load in Nero’s main screen.

3. Click the “Lock Ratio” button to save your input video’s dimensions. If you need to resize your video, press the “Video” button on the right side of the screen and hit the “Resize” tab. Manually enter the desired height and width for your video and click “OK.”

4. Click the “Next” button in Nero’s main menu. Select “Hard Disk Folder” as your video’s “Destination.” Hit the “Browse…” button to specify the folder where you want to save your converted video.

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5. Click “Burn” to begin converting your movie to MP4.