Convert Video In Pinnacle Studio

Convert the format of your video.

Pinnacle Studio is a video editor created by Avid, a leading editing software company. Pinnacle Studio is a home-based system used by novices who want to craft their own home-based videos. However, you can also customize existing videos, including the format of the video. Converting the video format allows you to open the file in a program that didn’t recognize it before.


1. Launch Pinnacle Studio. Select “File,” “Import,” and choose the video file you want to convert.

2. Double-click the video file to load it into the video viewer in the Pinnacle software.

3. Select “Export” to export the video. Typically you do this after editing a video, but you can do it now because you are only converting the file.

4. Select the format you want to save the video as (such as .wmv, .mov, .mp4). Choose the save destination and click “OK.” The video file now will be converted to the selected video format.

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