Convert Video Files Into Hd Quality

Convert Video Files Into HD Quality

If you want to convert your standard definition video files into HD quality, you may need to download or purchase a program from the Internet–as your computer most likely doesn’t come with the proper conversion software. There are many options, including SoThink HD Video Converter, AVS Video Converter and 4Media Video Converter–all of which include free trial offers. Each supports a number of popular video formats, including MOV, MP4, WMV and AVI, among others. Allow several minutes to several hours for HD conversion to complete.


SoThink HD Converter

1. Download a free trial or purchase SoThink’s HD Converter software (see the link in the Reference section below). Agree to the terms of use and launch the program.

2. Click the “Add Files” button at the top of the toolbar to enter a pop-up window and direct the program to the video file you want converted.

3. Press the “Target Profile” menu, revealing a list of options. Choose one of the HD video settings, based on your needs. If converting for use in another program or for viewing on a portable device, consult your user manual for its supported video format.

4. Make sure your video clip is checked off in the program’s main screen and click the “Convert” button to start the conversion process.

AVS Video Converter

5. Launch AVS Video Converter after completing download and installation (see the link in the Resource section below).

Select the video you want to convert by clicking the “Browse…” button next to the input file name field. Direct AVS to your video using the Windows Explorer pop-up screen and open it in AVS.

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6. Select one of the output formats at the top of the screen, depending on your needs. Wait for the presets to load in the “Profile” field.

7. Click “Edit Profile” and choose one of the “HD” presets.

8. Select a save location on your computer’s hard drive by clicking the output file name “Browse…” button.

Click “Convert Now!” to begin the conversion.

4Media Video Converter

9. Run the video converter software and wait for the main interface to load (see the download link in the Resource section below).


Select “Add File” from the “File” toolbar to find the video you want to convert. Open it in 4Media.

10. Click the “Profile” drop-down box and navigate to the “HD Video” sub-menu. Choose an HD format from the list of options.

11. Adjust the video quality in the right-side panel to the highest setting.

12. Click the destination “Browse…” button and set a file path for your HD video. Press “OK” to exit back to the main screen.

Press “Convert” at the top of the toolbar to begin converting your video to HD.