Convert Vhs To Dvd With Software For Free

Burn your VHS to DVD for free.

You can burn just about any video content from your computer onto a DVD. This includes importing content from video cameras or VCRs. Although you do need a DVD burner installed on the computer you can use DVD-burning software you downloaded for free from the Internet. There are hundreds of different DVD-burning programs available on the web if you don’t like the software you currently have.


1. Launch the Internet browser and navigate to This site features thousands of different program downloads from all over the world. Click “Downloads” on the top of the screen, then type “Burn DVD.” All of the available DVD-burning programs appear on the screen. As long as no “Buy Now” tab is next to the program you can download it for free. Click “Download Now” to download the DVD-burning program.

2. Double-click the downloaded file to launch the installation wizard. Follow the brief set of prompts to install the DVD-burning software.

3. Connect a coaxial cable into the “Out” port of the VCR, then insert the opposite end of the cable into the “In” port on the TV capture card. You can purchase such a card at most large electronic stores.

4. Launch the video-editing program on the computer, then select the “Capture” feature and click the “TV capture card.” Press “Play” on the VCR and the content begins to play. Select “Record” on the video editor and the computer begins to record the content off of the VHS tape. Click “Stop” on the video editor to stop the recording.

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5. Click “Edit,” “Export” and title the video file. Choose an export location and click “OK.” The video file exports onto your computer.

6. Insert the blank DVD into the DVD burner, then launch the DVD-burning software you installed. Select “Video DVD” and click “Add File.” Choose the video file you created and click “OK.” Once the file appears on the screen click “Burn” to place the VHS file onto the DVD via the free, downloaded software.